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Visual Arts Portal

What is SEArtnow?

  • An inclusive online portal of Seattle area galleries (commercial and nonprofit), museums, and upcoming events

  • To begin, we have included as many art venues as we are currently aware of; the aim is to offer the most complete art experience in this region

How does it work?

  • We have a monthly submissions template for each listing, which requires a brief description of your gallery/museum/exhibition; images of your venue’s interior and exterior; links to your social media and website; and images with accompanying captions related to your event.

  • Each subscription is $350 per year or prorated to $30 per month through July 2023

Site format

  •   The Home Page offers three important listings:

  •   Galleries

  •   Museums & Exhibitions

  •   Interactive Map

  •   The Gallery/Museum listings link to single pages for each venue’s details and       links

  •   Listings are in alphabetical order

  •   Our Interactive Map of venues and events is searchable by neighborhood 

  •   Our website is modeled from the successful sites, Art Dealers Association of       America (ADAA) and our local Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair

  •   For a limited time, SEArtnow includes galleries and museums which are not         currently active participants; these parties will have placeholder images of          their   venues without links


  • Each month, four promotional features are offered on a first come, first served basis

  • Each featured venue/exhibition is highlighted at the top of the homepage with an image linking directly to details about the exhibition 

  • This upgrade is $200 per month

  • Contact us to reserve your space for the coming months at