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STILL HUNG UP: Works by Deborah Faye Lawrence & Nancy Kiefer

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EXHIBITION: July 20 - August 20, 2022

First Thursday Reception: August 4, 2022, 6-8PM

BONFIRE Gallery presents two exceptional artists, each in their own right with significant points of view. Together, Deborah Faye Lawrence and Nancy Kiefer’s STILL HUNG UP present a powerful juxtaposition, a deeper more meaningful commentary of our time.

“Hats off to BONFIRE Gallery for another cutting-edge exhibit with two of the most outrageous artists in Seattle. Deborah Faye Lawrence and Nancy Kiefer both push the boundaries of what is acceptable, but in strikingly different ways.....BONFIRE explodes with feminine energy with STILL HUNG UP. These intense artworks show us how to resist the multiple abuses of women’ rights worldwide.” – ART ACCESS, Susan Noyes Platt

“It's safe to say that in our youth, "Still hung up" was a lament we employed to express regret about relentless gushing over the ill-suited targets of our adolescent attraction to a parade of unlikely, ill-fitting lovers. We, like many others, were mesmerized by the emotional yank that kept us downcast, moody, and captive in a discomfiting nest of mismatched chemistry:
Unrequited Love.
Nowadays the term "Still hung up" means we are madly in love with the pictures we create! Things are less vague, because at this age our picture-making devotion is focused on efforts to communicate something intensely specific, less ambiguous. Significant, more meaningful and MAJOR. Deeper. Magnificent!” Deborah Faye Lawrence and Nancy Kiefer



603 S Main St, Seattle, WA 98104

Thurs-Sat 12-5, by appt



BONFIRE Gallery connects people through art, culture, and design, celebrating the power of the creative process in all its forms. BONFIRE is a gallery and community gathering space as well as an art curation consultancy.

BONFIRE hosts diverse contemporary exhibitions showcasing local emerging and established creatives: artists, poets, dancers, performers, designers and place makers from the Pacific Northwest.