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Elizabeth Donnally Davidson, Riddled.
Michèle Landsaat, In The Land Of Moon & Rabbits, Something Is Happening

Davidson Galleries

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EXHIBITION: March 3rd - April 29th, 2023,

Elizabeth Donnally Davidson | Embodied

Davidson Galleries is pleased to present Elizabeth Donnally Davidson in Embodied. This exhibition features a selection of Davidson’s recent sculptures from 2018 to 2022. Her work was recently featured in a solo exhibition of ceramic sculpture and stitch drawings at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art from October 2022 through January 2023. This iteration at Davidson Galleries focuses on the artist’s ceramic works, often referred to as “vessels” by the artist, which highlight her interest in the human body and the internal and external forces that distort, disrupt, and develop each of us. While Davidson uses a variety of techniques to manipulate the vessels, she maintains that there is a profound beauty to each piece and the portion of the human experience that they represent. These works are both the embodiment of abstract human experiences and visualizations of the emotions carried within each of our bodies.

Michèle Landsaat | The Alchemy of Love

Davidson Galleries is pleased to present The Alchemy of Love, a solo exhibition of Seattle-based artist Michèle Landsaat. This exhibition features a new body of work including the drypoint series, The Alchemy of Love, as well as papier-mâché sculptures and other new drypoints. Landsaat is known for her impressively delicate and fragile etchings that expose the simultaneous vulnerability and whimsicality of the world and its creatures. She is interested in the alchemical and slow process of creating illustrations which mirrors her scrupulous approach to storytelling. Landsaat’s new work addresses issues such as the “transformative potential of loss”, the rabbit holes of grief, and a new definition for true love. With the continued use of her signature creatures, new characters, settings, techniques, and tones emerge in service of these impassioned stories.

Davidson Galleries

313 Occidental Ave S Seattle, WA 98104

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Davidson Galleries is a founding member of the Seattle Art Dealer’s Association and Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk. Sam Davidson opened Davidson Galleries in 1973. During its lifetime the gallery has occupied eight locations, most in historic Pioneer Square.

We have an inventory of nearly twenty thousand original contemporary, modern, and antique works on paper.

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