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EXHIBITION: October 6 - December 31, 2022

November will be the 120th birthday of American Modernist, Walter Quirt (1902-1068) and the exhibition will be somewhat centered on this anniversary.

Our continuing exhibit of MAKERS OF A NEW WORLD: THE AMERICAN & EUROPEAN AVANT-GARDE, 1915-1965" will continue through Dec.31, 2022 and includes RUDOLF BAUER (Germany, 1889-1953) * ALEXANDER CALDER (USA,1898-1976) * SALVADOR DALI (Spain, 1904-1989) * JIMMY ERNST (Germany/USA, 1920-1984) * SOL LEWITT (USA, 1928-2007) * ROBERTO MATTA (Chile, 1911-2002) * JOAN MIRO (Spain, 1893-1983) * ROBERT MOTHERWELL (USA, 1915-1991) * LOUISE NEVELSON (Ukraine/USA, 1899-1988) * PABLO PICASSO (Spain, 1881-1973) * WALTER QUIRT (USA, 1902-1968) * JAMES ROSENQUIST (USA, 1933-2017) * ROLPH SCARLETT (Canada/USA, 1889-1984) * MARK TOBEY (USA, 1890-1976) * OSCAR VAN YOUNG (Austria/USA, 1906-1991) * VICTOR VASARELY (Hungary, 1906-1997)

FREDERICK HOLMES AND COMPANY - GALLERY OF MODERN & CONTEMPORARY ART in Seattle, WA proudly opens an important selling exhibition of work by sixteen 20th century avant-garde artists, who critically contributed to the canon of American and European Modern. Drawing from several of the gallery’s long-established sources, and art-historic estates, this museum-calibre show filling both
floors of the entire gallery, will feature works by some of the most influential figures of the 20th century, encompassing movements including non-objective, surrealism, cubism, futurism, expressionism, and post-war.

Included will be seldom seen early figurative, futurism, and non-objective works on paper, dating from 1910-1925 by German non-objective artist, Rudolf Bauer, the founding artist of Solomon Guggenheim’s Museum of Non Objective Painting in New York; Several gouaches; paintings by Rolph Scarlett, another Guggenheim founding painter; Works on paper by Germany-born, Jimmy Ernst - an artist who arguably more than anyone, bridged the European avant-garde and the New York School; and original etchings and Lithographs by Picasso, Calder, Dali, Matta, Miro, Tobey, Nevelson, Motherwell, and Others.

Paintings, drawings, and works on paper, dating from 1939 to 1964, by seminal modernist painter, WALTER QUIRT (1902-1968) will be highlighted in November, the artist’s 120th birthday. The art-historic estate of Walter Quirt has been represented exclusively by Frederick Holmes & Company since 2015, when the first exhibition WALTER QUIRT: REVOLUTIONS UNSEEN re-introduced Quirt–an artist whose paintings and drawings are in over thirty permanent public collections–to the public. That gallery show marked the first time the artist’s work became available again after nearly half a century of obscurity following his death in 1968, due to his widow choosing to keep all his work close to the family, where it remained in storage and unseen until 2015. This opening exhibition was followed in 2017 by a comprehensive retrospective, WALTER QUIRT: A SCIENCE OF LIFE, and from which his legacy has continued to spread nationally among collectors, historians, and the public.

“In Seattle’s present gallery scene one art dealer — Frederick R. Holmes — has stood out as the leader in introducing collectors to the paintings of early to mid 20th century Modern and Post War artists. His most important accomplishment at his eponymous gallery is the rediscovery of Walter Quirt [1902-1968].” - Peter H. Falk, Chief Curator & Editor; Discoveries In American Art

Frederick Holmes & Co.

309 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Tues-Sat 10-5


ABOUT THE GALLERY: Widely considered one of the finest galleries in the Northwest, Frederick Holmes & Co. is a boutique fine art gallery, founded in 2013 in the center of Seattle’s historic district, Pioneer Square. It’s dynamic programming consists of a rotating schedule of monthly exhibitions on two floors of both emerging national and international contemporary artists, and historic mid-century Modern, including Salvador Dali, Roberto Matta, Rolph Scarlett, Pablo Picasso, and others.

Frederick Holmes & Company exclusively represents the art-historic estates of two critical 20th century Modernist painters, Walter Quirt (1902-1968) and Oscar Van Young (1906-1991), whose paintings are in important public collections throughout the

The Gallery also produces and hosts HOT JAZZ AT THE GALLERY, a monthly series of live performances by the top jazz musicians and vocalists in the region.
The gallery’s emphasis is on the collector, regardless of their level of experience, and a friendly, hospitable, educationally-oriented presentation of the gallery’s offerings. Gallery owner Frederick Holmes has over 40 years in the art business, acting in a variety of professional roles, coast to coast. The gallery frequently collaborates with national galleries and dealers to enhance its programming and broaden the visibility of Seattle as an increasingly important and viable market for collectors nationwide.