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Order in Chaos
John Andro Avendano

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EXHIBITION: June 30 - Aug 30, 2022

Seattle-based, Latino painter John Andro Avendano (b.1959) in his first solo exhibition in Seattle, presents a powerful body of recent work dedicated to anti-violence. Comprised of fifteen vibrantly colorful paintings in oil/mixed media on canvas and panel, they visually form a refutation of the violence we’ve repeatedly witnessed as a nation and a world.

“I grew up Hispanic, born in Arleta, California, and rooted in East Los Angeles. Daily, I was either in the shadows or lived adjacent to, violence.” Growing up in East LA, Avendano’s mother, Anastasia Orozco Avendano, reminded him of the importance and need for family. She often spoke of her great uncle - one of the “Big Three” Mexican Muralists, Jose Clemente Orozco (1883-1949). “Historically, he faced political turmoil, violence, and anti-violence movements. But rose above all the chaos and became a steward of his gifts.”

Together, in 2020 we were isolated, immobilized, powerless, and fearful as violence escalated locally and abroad. There was much talk of protecting oneself, one’s speech, and one’s community. Avendano in his studio looked at a blank canvas, opened his flat files, and took an old stack of collage paper - among them ironically, targets. “I researched the usage of this symbol and similar usage that produced the 'Bullseye series' by artist Jasper Johns from 1955-1961. Reluctantly, I thought, how do I take something offensive, viscerally disturbing, and raw that symbolizes the fear I was experiencing into something beautiful and healing?”

Disassembling the image, he began the creative process. “I took the figure in my hand, started at the top, and tore strip after strip from top to bottom. Then, something beautiful happened… I rearranged the pieces into new free-flowing forms, lines, and shapes on the canvas. Next, I applied bright, bold colors with oil paints and scraped the finish with broad strokes, further moving the images. Finally, I stopped and stepped back, remaining still so I could study and search for more inspiration as the oil paints dry. This pause catalyzed my imagination to take off again as I reapproached the painting with oil sticks, pastel pencils, and markers. More hidden images would appear and emerge from the layers. I knew the piece was complete when the canvas vibrated in a beautiful rhythmic motion all on its own, as the painting would stop talking to me.”

The recent mass violence we’ve observed and mourned, both nationally and globally, makes this exhibition particularly timely and socially relevant. What arose up from 2020 to the current turmoils locally in Seattle, nationally, and abroad have been difficult. Avendano observes, “You can’t connect the dots forward, but you can connect them backward. Another challenge was that I like to paint beautiful things, beautiful paintings, as an expression of healing; if not a cure, can they be a good remedy, a healing balm?”

The artist’s deep love of our humanity - its paradoxical virtues of love and compassion in contrast with the imperfection(s) of the world - have inspired this powerfully redemptive
exhibition: CHAOS IN ORDER

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