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Reconstructed: Geralyn Inokuchi

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EXHIBITION: August 4 – 27, 2022
The gallery is open to the public from 12PM to 5PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and by appointment. Or stop by during the Pioneer Square First Thursday Art Walk on August 4 from 4-8PM.

I Dream in Color
Kurt Erickson

Artist Kurt Erickson’s dynamic, colorful abstractions explore the bursts of radiance that come from the in-between spaces of our dreams. While awake, colors are used to represent everything from mourning and love to excitement or rage. When noticing a color while dreaming, the interpretation of that dream could be aided by what colors shine through.

While working in his studio, Kurt reverts back to a childlike creative headspace, letting intuition take hold. His subconscious mind moves to the in-between spaces and glimpses light and darkness. This body of work, like most of his work, is accessible to anyone and is aimed at the child inside all of us. Kurt’s paintings encourage minds to wander, referred to as dreams in the sense that they are open to interpretation. He hopes to make connections with each viewer and start a unique conversation between painting and audience.

Notes from my backyard
A-M Petersons

Sequestered by COVID-19, A-M Petersons found her backyard a refuge for discovery and contemplation – inspiring subtle, beautiful evocations of lichen “ghosts”.

A-M Petersons has a relationship with her garden, with the last two years cementing their bond. When home was a refuge, fortress, and jail, the garden stepped up and led her to a new place – a place that already existed with a view she had previously ignored. For A-M, the beams of the pergola became meditation mantras. She was led to look up, consider the branches of the apple tree, and examine the old retaining wall that holds the roots of a grapevine. Each examined surface offered the usual splotches and shadows of garden “ghosts”. During the days spent isolated in the garden, scanning the beams of the pergola, the walls, the concrete wall, A-M was drawn into the gray. The ghosts she saw breathed life.

The Other Washington State
Angshuman Sarkar

Spotlighting industrial landscapes of eastern Washington, artist Angshuman Sarkar‘s exhibition The Other Washington State is an exploration and tribute of the American landscape that is often less seen and infrequently talked about.

Washington state is divided by the mountains into two parts, splitting the economy, occupations, and lifestyles with it. In the industrial and agrarian landscapes of eastern Washington, we can see many of the building blocks of the country – the ecosystem of human endeavor, engineering ingenuity, hard work and infrastructure.

Gallery 110

Gallery 110

110 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Thurs-Sat 12-5



Gallery 110’s mission is to provide dynamic opportunities to established and emerging professional artists in an environment that encourages creative expression, experimentation and collaboration. As a nonprofit organization, the gallery fosters artistic and professional connections between its associated artists and the arts community at large through creative dialogue, the presentation of challenging and enriching curated exhibitions, public opportunities and collaborative projects.

Established in 2002, Gallery 110 presents contemporary art in a wide variety of media. We aspire to present fresh, challenging exhibitions and opportunities of the highest professional caliber while actively engaging and networking with the community at large. On-site exhibitions change monthly with public openings held during First Thursday Art Walk every month and consist of solo, group and/or thematic shows. The range of genres represented by Gallery 110 artists offers a broad palette of thought, approach and media, promoting dialogue and reflection.