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Red List: Reef-Building Corals Group Exhibition

Ghost Gallery

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EXHIBITION: March 10th-April 10th, 2023.

Featuring work by local & global artists, bringing awareness to our planets’ most vulnerable coral reefs. A percentage of sales will be donated to non-profit orgs working towards coral reef conservation and education efforts.

Ghost Gallery

600 Pine St, FL 2, Seattle, WA 98101

Mon-Fri 12-7; Sat-Sun 12-6

No phone number


Ghost Gallery was established in 2006 by independent curator Laurie Kearney, who relocated from Virginia to Seattle in 2005. Focusing on local and regional artists & designers, the gallery’s hybrid model provides an ever-evolving, welcoming space where artists and collectors, new and established, can connect. Entering its 10th year as a brick and mortar venue, Ghost Gallery showcases a curated selection of visual art, handmade jewelry, tarot, apothecary and bottled wines.

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