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EXHIBITION: August 18 - September 18

Mary Olsen and Tracy Felix are filling the area’s newest art gallery with an exhibition that promises to delight and intrigue. It is at the gallery within Graphite, located at Main and 2nd in the heart of downtown Edmonds.

Olsen and Felix are the driving forces of Graphite, but first and foremost these two dynamic women are accomplished artists.

Olsen hails from a solid background in art history and art education. Her new series created for the show is a great example of how the world around them influences an artist’s work. “ “I was at the site every day during the construction of the Graphite building. The textures of the metal, wood and glass intrigue me,” explains Olsen. “I’ve incorporated these materials into a new series of layered assemblage pieces.” The artist is also showing art described as woven drawings, which are intricate and textured pieces that provide insight to her thinking and process.

Felix has long been interested in portraiture, specifically using portraits as symbols. This past year has found her immersed in stylized images created using pigment and wax transferred into translucent rice paper. “My goal is to blur the lines of race, gender and culture. These images are designed to allow the viewer to get past first impressions, and see others as truly unique individuals. If we can see past assumptions and stereotypes, we might be able to understand and know each other.”

Taken all together, the artwork inspired the collection titled MOTiF, which describes the strength of the repeated, dominant ideas that flow through both artist’s work.



202 Main St, Edmonds, WA 98020, USA

Saturdays Noon-4pm



Graphite is the newest facility dedicated to the arts in Edmonds, Washington. We are a vibrant multi-use art center which includes a gallery, art studios and common spaces. Graphite is now providing artists a place to work and visitors a place to see artists in action and view the gallery. We are also the home of Art Start Northwest: a non-profit dedicated to providing access to the arts to all who express a desire to create.