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Tactile Vision | Art You Touch


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EXHIBITION: Opening Reception March 25th @ 7pm -June 10th

Graphite Gallery is excited to present Tactile Vision, a unique, interactive art installation which focuses on the sense of touch to experience art. Tactile Vision is designed especially for those who are blind, or visually impaired. Artworks will be labeled in text and braille.
We encourage our patrons to “please touch the art”. This Exhibit is to be enjoyed by all ages, sighted or visually impaired. Guide dogs are welcome.

Graphite Arts Center is hosting "All Decks on Hand" pop up
APRIL 20th-22nd
This art pop up event will celebrate artistic creativity, with a focus on environmental awareness. Sales from this auction will be used to launch Salvage Arts, a recycled art movement whose mission is to fund free art classes, workshops and demonstrations using repurposed materials.
Thursday, April 20th - Edmonds art walk Sneak Peek. Auction begins 5-8pm
Friday, April 21st- All Decks on Hand Noon-8pm with Reception Party to follow
Saturday, April 22nd- Noon-8pm Auction ends


202 Main St, Edmonds, WA 98020, USA

Saturdays Noon-4pm



Graphite is the newest facility dedicated to the arts in Edmonds, Washington. We are a vibrant multi-use art center which includes a gallery, art studios and common spaces. Graphite is now providing artists a place to work and visitors a place to see artists in action and view the gallery. We are also the home of Art Start Northwest: a non-profit dedicated to providing access to the arts to all who express a desire to create.

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