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Jane McGehee

Patricia Cameron Fine Art

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EXHIBITION: March, 2023

“The matter of these artworks comes from memories I hold from living in Africa. It is a place of magic and tragedy, a place where people dance. Images of big skies, vast lands, people and their existence with animals, patterns, rain and color are expressed through landscapes that are the vehicle for manifestation of my vision. The unmediated experience of living in the rural areas allowed for contemplation of the world, from the toiling of ants, wildebeest grazing on the plains, the deluge of rain, the dominance of thunder and lightning, and the devastation of Aids.

A sense of meditation and quiet will abound. The presence of nature and Its beauty must be felt. The calm before the storm, which mimics the initial viewing of my paintings to the detail within, creates the tension and stirs the viewer. The process and ritual involved in these creations give the work strength. The patience of waiting for subtle layers of gouache or ink to dry to the deconstruction of such layers embrace the life going on inside the dark continent, which is full of textures and cultures”

Jane McGehee was born in East London, UK. She lives and works in Seattle. Jane received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Summa Cum Laude, at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle. Jane has participated in a Study Abroad, Perugia Italy and Cat’Art Artist Residency, Sainte- Colomb-sur-l’Hers, France.Her artworks have been exhibited in multiple solo Exhibitions at Patricia Cameron Gallery as well as Selected Group Exhibitions including Merit Scholarship Exhibit @ Cornish College of Art, Arts West, Women Painters of WA @ Seattle Convention Center, Fred Hutchinson Loan Exhibit, and University House Seattle.

Patricia Cameron Fine Art


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Patricia Cameron Fine Art was established in Seattle in 1998 to 2005 with galleries in Pioneer Square, and in South Lake Union 2005-2014. Since 2014 Patricia Cameron Fine Art has actively continued to offer artworks on line by selected artists, in selected Pop up exhibit spaces , and with Art Consulting Services.

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