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"All But Genius”

Patricia Rovzar Gallery

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EXHIBITION: June 1 - 28, 2023

ARTIST MEET & GREET: Saturday, June 3, 3-5pm

This month marks PRG’s annual exhibition with Tyson Grumm, a surrealist artist who always has a story to tell. In this body of work, Grumm recalls a cohort of inventors who are “All But Genius.” Each painting captures the story of gizmos, gadgets, experiments, and innovations that couldn’t quite get off the ground, but had the potential to change the course of our lives. This legion of notorious, albeit failed, inventors come together to inform a collection of hilarious, witty, odd, and curious narratives that could only be shared through the creative lens that has come to define Grumm’s illustrious artistic career.

The 24 different paintings in the exhibition transport us into an alternate reality where animals are fully fleshed characters that are often known to upstage their human counterparts. Grumm has written accompanying stories for each painting that read with the dry humor, staged seriousness, and satire of a mockumentary.

Patricia Rovzar Gallery

1111 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

Tues-Sat 11-5



Art is a conduit for connection, a means for exploration. It affords humanity the opportunity to explore relationships with ourselves, with one another, and with our world through the lens of creatives.

At PRG, we believe our best work is cultivating these connections by bringing collectors and artists together and engaging the community with our exhibitions and programming. Our unique roster of established and emerging artists strives to create art that is impactful, often forging beyond traditional boundaries and expectations. With gratitude and love for visual arts, we are honored to share these extraordinary creatives with you at the gallery.

Established in 1992, Patricia Rovzar Gallery has earned a reputation for exhibiting contemporary works in a variety of mediums. We follow a mission to represent and promote unique and diverse works from a select group of established and emerging artists both from the Northwest and beyond. Our monthly rotation of exhibitions affords novice and experienced collectors the opportunity not only to explore extraordinary work, but also the opportunity to engage and meet some of our artists in the process.

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