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Craig van den Bosch
Reconciling Masculinity: Let the Better Man Win

Amanda Triplett
nature nurture

Shift Gallery

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EXHIBITION: March 2 -April 1, 2023

Craig Van den Bosch

First Thursday Art Walk/Opening Reception: March 2, 5-9pm
Collage Group Reception: Saturday March 11, 4-6pm
Workshops and Collage Hangouts: Saturday, March 11, and Sunday, March 12
Artist Talk: Saturday, March 18, 1pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, April 1, 2pm

Connecting to and inviting conversations about toxic masculinity and gender roles under the umbrella of transformation and fluidity, van den Bosch takes a look at how media, society, and nature influence our personal identity, perception of and use of power dynamics. In addition, 25 invited contemporary collage artists will display individual small works in conversation with van den Bosch’s solo exhibition theme.

Amanda Triplett

First Thursday Art Walk/Opening Reception: March 2, 5-8pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, March 18, 1pm with guest artist and poet Carmina Eliason @carminaeliason
Closing Reception: Saturday, April 1, 2pm

In nature nurture, Portland-based interdisciplinary fiber artist Amanda Triplett explores the emotional dynamics of humanity’s complex relationship to nature. Devastation and nourishment, control and chaos, wonder and fear; these are just a few of the ways that we as humans respond to the power of nature. Deconstructing and reassembling recycled textiles with needle and thread, Triplett considers the multitudinous aspects of nature and how we as humans love it, fight it, learn from it, cultivate it, destroy it, and seek ourselves in it.
The transformation of recycled textiles into biomorphic forms becomes a means of summoning Triplett’s own kinship with nature. The work invites the viewer to contemplate their own relationship to nature, and to consider the ways by which they can find connection to the natural world. Whether we are seeking wonder or facing our fears, Triplett’s work reminds us that we are all part of the complex tapestry of nature, and that our actions have a profound impact on the natural world around us.

Shift Gallery

312 S. Washington Street Seattle WA 98104

Fri-Sat 11-4

no phone number


Shift is an artist-run gallery that opened in December 2004 in the renovated Tashiro-Kaplan arts complex, an artist live/work building in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle. Shift supports a cross-section of Northwest-area artists who work in a variety of media and who are dedicated to creating challenging and innovative art. Shift’s exhibition space allows its members to test ideas, take risks or refine directions that advance their work

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