cott Coffey
Self Portraits and Other Stories

Emma Jane Royer
Sky Quilts

Shift Gallery

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EXHIBITION: December 1-30, 2022 (24th and 31st by appointment)

Scott Coffey -Self Portraits and Other Stories

The human mind sees the world through story. We are insatiable for narratives, consuming them in every medium possible and reading them into real life events. When we ask “why?”, we are much more likely to accept an answer that makes sense narratively than logically. And as we go through our lives, we often use stories to define us, shaping ourselves around a narrative, finding comfort in a template whether it fits us or not.
This show is a surrealist autobiography and an attempt to use the lies of genre fiction to tell an emotional truth. It is a chronicle of the tension between my internal and external selves, and an attempt to reckon with stories about myself I thought I had to believe. This is a portion of my life as I understand it. I hope you enjoy it. I hope it makes you a little uncomfortable. I hope you ask yourself why

Emma Jane Royer-Sky Quilts

Each fabric square in the Sky Quilt is a record of a single moment. Cyanotype emulsion recorded on the textile the amount of sunlight that fell on the fabric square in ten minutes. This process was repeated every ten minutes for twenty-four hours during a long Norwegian summer day.
Quilting reassembles these moments into a whole. The approach borrows from scientific and poetic methods. The underlying question is whether information can be represented in a way that expresses the embodied experience of the sublime.
Documenting the information and crafting the quilt required repetitive labor. The labor in turn is a record of attention. The result is a physical object. And yet this material, textile object represents experience and information that are ethereal.
Accompanying this large work are sewn sketches and 'field notes' in the form of tiny digital photographic details of the Arctic sky laid out as patchwork.

Reception First Thursday December 1 5-8pm
Artist talk with Scott Coffey, hosted by Alex McGuire - Dec 10th @ noon

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Shift is an artist-run gallery that opened in December 2004 in the renovated Tashiro-Kaplan arts complex, an artist live/work building in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle. Shift supports a cross-section of Northwest-area artists who work in a variety of media and who are dedicated to creating challenging and innovative art. Shift’s exhibition space allows its members to test ideas, take risks or refine directions that advance their work