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Mary Josephson | Plenty

Winter Group Exhibition

Traver Gallery

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EXHIBITION: Dec 7th –Dec 23rd - Opening on Thursday, Dec 7th

This December, Traver Gallery is thrilled to present Plenty by Mary Josephson. In her latest work, Mary Josephson focuses on her subjects' rich and abundant inner lives by portraying them immersed in lush foliage, greenery, and wildlife. Her figurative works transport the viewer into vibrant and imaginative universes. Mary intends this exhibit to be a full and well-rounded conversation, bringing in people from all walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds. Figures, animals, flora, and fauna coexist on tapestries, canvas, and panels. Josephson's rich colors and textures draw our attention to the beauty and activities that deepen our daily lives and give us a sense of well-being, peace, and joy.

Image: THE POEM I OWE YOU by Mary Josephson, embroidery and beadwork on linen, 14"h x 14" w x 3"d, 2023

Mary Josephson says, "When I began work on this exhibition, I thought of hopefully bringing love, joy, and beauty into the world. I remember how lucky I felt growing up in the 1960s, a flower child, finding beauty in everything and everyone. One of the symbols of that time was crazy daisies. What an excellent way to remind me of this time by bringing that flower symbol peppered through the artwork reminiscent of that joyful time, a mindset, a way of looking at the world. I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to that way of thinking, to view the world through the lenses of beauty and light and always seek it out. So, these works are examples of how I view the world. Despite everything to the contrary, the world is a beautiful place.

Winter Group Exhibition
Dec 7th –Dec 23rd - Opening on Thursday, Dec 7th

Image: NINE PROTECTORS by Andre Dezsö, Baltic Birch, Sumi ink, flashe, microcrystalline wax, 23.75" h x 17.75" w x 2"d, 2022

Traver Gallery is delighted to announce our upcoming Holiday Exhibition, opening on December 7 and running through December 23. This exhibition showcases a range of works by our accomplished roster of artists whose work embodies a profound understanding, knowledge, and mastery of their chosen materials and whose creative practices nourish our dynamic and thriving arts community.

With the holiday season at the top of our minds, we have curated a seasonal exhibition highlighting works of art ideally suited to give as unique gifts. Come into the gallery and discover exceptional glass, wood, ceramics, textiles, paper, paintings, and mixed media artworks. When you invest in art, you're not just acquiring a piece; you are providing vital support to both the artist and the gallery while playing an essential role in supporting our creative community.

We hope you'll celebrate the season and the arts with us!

Artists featured in the exhibition are Ling Chun, Marita Dingus, Andrea Dezso, Greggory Grenno, Jiro Jonezawa, Jun Kaneko, Tori Karpenko, John Kiley, Dante Marioni, Eric Nelson, Norleen Nosri, Bronson Schonk, Preston Singletary, Jamie Walker, Hiroshi Yamano and more.

Traver Gallery

110 Union St. #200, Seattle, WA 98101

Tues-Fri 10-6; Sat 10-5


ABOUT THE GALLERY: For more than 40 years, the Traver Gallery has served as a theater for the visual arts, providing space for artists to explore their ideas and share their discoveries with the world. We are dedicated to representing artists at all stages of their career — emerging, mid-career and established — our focus is on artists who work with materials in unique and innovative ways. Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Traver Gallery is one of the country’s premier exhibition spaces for contemporary studio glass, painting, sculpture, and installation art.

Traver Gallery opens new exhibitions monthly on first Thursdays. Please email the gallery to receive monthly exhibition updates.

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