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Michelle Weddle: Elemental Dynamism

Betsy Eby: Milk and Honey

Winston Wächter Fine Art

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EXHIBITIONS: March, 2023

Michelle Weddle: Elemental Dynamism
March 8th — April 20th
West Gallery

Winston Wächter Fine Art is excited to announce our first solo exhibition with Denver based painter Michelle Weddle. In Elemental Dynamism, Weddle magnifies isolated brushstrokes into animated, expansive forms atop complementary backdrops. Each
composition foregrounds a complicated gestural movement situated against soft pastels, like a musical theme catching your ear between bouts of improvisation, or the gentle rush of a stream in a dense forest. Weddle
engages with seductive illusion, flattening the central, richly textured forms and suggesting a sculptural depth to the peripheral fields of color. Pairing concision with playfulness, Weddle’s paintings create newfound expressions of motion.

Betsy Eby: Milk and Honey
March 23rd — May 6th
Main Gallery

Winston Wächter Fine Art is pleased to announce our tenth solo exhibition with abstract painter Betsy Eby. In Milk and Honey, Eby creates “material conveyances of poetry” through expressive layers of wax and pigment that expand and trickle as transposed memories, landscapes, and music. Created in both her Maine and Georgia studios, this body of work alludes to subtle changes in the environment, as spurts of color teeter around wispy backgrounds like seeds rustling through midsummer fields. Eby searches for solace throughout her compositions, imbuing gauzy pastels with a lyrical optimism. Her brushstrokes pulse with hopefulness, as if quiet gestures of empathy to our natural surroundings.

Winston Wächter Fine Art

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Winston Wächter is a fine art gallery and art consulting firm with exhibition spaces in Seattle and New York City. The gallery specializes in the acquisition and placement of contemporary and 20th Century works of art. Established in 1995 by Stacey Winston Levitan and Christine Wächter-Campbell, the gallery’s mission is to assist clients with the intricacies of acquiring works of art. Stacey and Christine bring with them a depth of knowledge and over twenty years of experience in the art community. The gallery represents over thirty contemporary artists who work in a variety of media including painting, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. In addition to gallery artists, Winston Wächter Fine Art also assists in secondary market placement of modern and contemporary masters.

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