LAYER, PIECE, LAYER | new works by Poppy Dodge

ZINC Contemporary

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EXHIBITION: Sept 17 - October 17th, 2022

ZINC contemporary is proud to present the first in a series of fall virtual exhibitions featuring the works by Petaluma based artist Poppy Dodge.
Entitled LAYER, PIECE, LAYER, these colorful works by Poppy Dodge are a harmonious tribute to improvisational quilting. With an intuitive and process oriented approach, Dodge’s layering of opaque and translucent finishes create abstractions of dizzying effect.
In a compositional language of maximalism, Dodge’s work reflects traveling and memories of places explored as a child. Dodges process involves pulling combs through wet paint to strengthen depth and texture, building line and movement. Warm and cool colors live in a sublime world of texture and strata. These color memories are a central part of her work and convey an optimistic energy.
“I like to think of my work as color celebrations; a stacking of playful color conversations joyfully stitching my life experiences together.” - Poppy Dodge, Artist

ZINC Contemporary


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Established in 2013, ZINC contemporary has a reputation for curating compelling exhibitions, championing highly talented artists, and collaborating with collectors to cultivate an experience of connection, curiosity, adventure, and fun!

"Art is what makes us human, fuels inspiration and sparks connection in the universe. Finding a piece you love is a completely unique adventure – and it creates a muscle that true collectors build over time. Because collecting original art is unlike collecting anything else in the world – it requires risk and confidence and curiosity. Let us be your guide – and we promise you’ll see life differently." - Laura Zeck, founder + curator

Located in Pioneer Square until May of 2022, ZINC contemporary currently presents exhibitions online and participates in a number of art fairs around the country. ZINC contemporary's viewing room is open by appointment.